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2019 MTNT, LTD. Annual Meeting Election Results

The Annual Meeting of MTNT, Ltd. took place on Saturday, July 27, 2019 in McGrath, Alaska.  Please join us in welcoming new and returning board members:


Mandatory Takotna Seat                                       

Theresa Fox     10,818.396


Mandatory Telida Seat                                           

Steve Eluska     8,186.427


At-Large Seat

Robert Strick     17,347.650

RESOLUTION, Resolved, that the MTNT Settlement Trust shall be established as an Alaska Native Claims Settlement Trust  - PASSED

Please join us in thanking all the candidates for their participation in this year’s election and in extending congratulations to our newly elected board member, as well as a special thanks to Richard Alexia for his service.


Finally, the board would like to extend a sincere thanks to the MTNT, Ltd. Shareholders for their dedication and contribution to this important process, and the staff that helped make the 2019 annual meeting a success.